Single project

  • Project : Dapto Public School
  • Head Contractor : Patterson Building Group
  • Completion: July 2022
Dapto Public School

FSES were engaged by PBG to undertake a full D&C project for expansion of Dapto Public School. The design was completed to meet SINSW and EFSG requirements.

The project constructed a 3-level split building containing 20x GLA’s, and refurbishment/extensions to portions of 5 other buildings across the school.

Full Scope were required to deliver the following key deliverables on the project.

  • Substation upgrade and MSB replacement.
  • Extension civil reticulation for new services.
  • Switchboards, Mains Cabling, and General Power.
  • Lighting, Emergency Lighting and Lighting Automation.
  • SSU approved security system.
  • Dry Fire.
  • PA and Hearing Augmentation.